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Featuring exciting body-shredding Cross Training Fitness, calorie burning max cardio Fitness Kickboxing, Combat Conditioning, Adventure Fitness, and the best variety of Martial Arts in the Tampa Bay Area.

8,000 square feet of fun and excitement!

We are BEGINNER FRIENDLY and all fitness levels are welcome! Our members never have to make an appointment to take a class, they are always welcome. Our Fitness Program includes all of our specialty classes. There is no upselling for specialty fitness classes. Members are welcome to use our cross training gym any time during regular business hours.

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Our incredible variety of training methods will have your body responding quicker than you ever thought possible:
• Fitness Kickboxing
• Cross-Training
• Mixed Martial Arts Fitness
• Abs and Core
• Adventure Fitness
• Alternative Strength Training
• Body Sculpting
• Combat Conditioning
Whether you want to drop some pounds, increase endurance, develop muscle or get that six pack you've always wanted, we can help.

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"Calling Elite was the best decision of the year for my body and my wallet! I spent over $4000 at two other gyms over 14 months and got little results. I got more results at Elite in 6 weeks than at the other gyms in 14 months. I wish I would have started with you first.

Thanks, you and your staff are awesome."

Jordan J.

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Looking for the absolute best in exciting Cross Training Fitness?
Elite Training Center is it!

Looking for the absolute best in new Adventure Fitness?
Elite Training Center is it!

Looking for the absolute best in comprehensive Mixed Martial Arts?
Elite Training Center is it!

Looking for the absolute best in comprehensive Boot Camp training?
Elite Training Center is it!

Looking for the absolute best in Submission Grappling?
Elite Training Center is it!

Looking for the absolute best in Muay Thai?
Elite Training Center is it!

Looking for the absolute best in adult and children's martial arts?
Elite Training Center is it!

Looking for the absolute best in martial arts supplies and uniforms?
Elite Training Center is it!

Looking for the absolute best in mixed martial arts gear?
Elite Training Center is it!

Looking for the absolute best in military-quality hand-to-hand combat?
Elite Training Center is it!

Looking for the absolute best in effective compliance and confrontation control training for law enforcement?
Elite Training Center is it!

Looking for the absolute best in specialized personal training?
Elite Training Center is it!

Our state-of-the-art 8,000-square foot training center is owned and operated by some of the nation's most experienced martial artists, certified fitness trainers, and certified self-defense and combat instructors. We are located in Northeast St. Petersburg, convenient to St. Petersburg, Tampa and Clearwater. Elite Training Center is equipped with dressing rooms and showers to accommodate before-work and lunchtime classes.

Exciting Personal Training Programs

Gym Membership NOT required for Personal Training

Cross Training
Body Sculpting
Booty Enhancement
General Fitness
FUN weight loss
Mixed Martial Arts Personal Training
Muay Thai Personal Training
Kickboxing Personal Training
Boxing Personal Training

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Only at Elite Training Center

Elite Training Center offers complete age-specific martial arts programs including freestyle karate, Muay Thai, and mixed martial arts, all designed to improve character, focus, and ability to live safely in a potentially dangerous world.

With fitness classes like Fitness Kickboxing, Adventure Fitness, MMA Fitness, Cross-Training, and Boot Camp, our group fitness program was designed to be exciting and keep you interested in training.

“If you want to be the best, contact us!”
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Here's what people are saying

Hi Phil,
Remember me? I'm one of your "warrior princesses" from many moons ago! I just wanted to drop a line to say hello and let you know I still think about you and my time at Elite quite often. Since moving to Korea (almost 4 years ago now), I put on some stress pounds and stayed quite distant from fitness for some time. Well, just a little over a month ago, a fire was lit from within and now I'm feeling unstoppable again, just like how I felt when I was training with you! Two weeks ago, I ran my first half-marathon and finished just under 2.5 hours. Last weekend, I ran a 10K race and finished exactly at 1 hour. I'm currently doing a 30-Day Bikram Yoga challenge (completed Day 22 today), which is really transforming my body and getting me back to where I once used to be...perhaps even fitter than ever before! Anyhow, whenever I am back on track with fitness, you're one of the first people I think of. Doing that 10-week training program with you was truly life-changing and inspiring. It really changed me in so many different ways. I wanted you to know that you helped me find myself then and you're helping me again now! :) Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times. I know I've been horrible at keeping in touch but please know I still think of you from time to time and you'll always be a part of me. Hope you're smiling and healthy as always!
With lots of love and respect, Kathryn P

I’ve been training at Elite Training Center for the past 10 months and have been amazed at the variety of training and depth of experience your staff provides. As a Marine officer I have more than twenty years of military experience to include combat tours in the Gulf War and Somalia. I have a deep respect for the martial arts and an appreciation for training that can keep a person alive. Your school is intense and combat-oriented. You cover the entire range of conflicts from low to high intensity. Your instructors are professional, friendly and eager to train individuals of all experiences – beginner to expert. Elite Training is a one-stop shop for martial arts. Thanks for the experience.
Sincerely, Mike

"Phil, it’s Steve T. I just wanted to say thanks for speaking the truth. I walked into your training center 16 weeks ago and you told me if I applied myself and stayed with your program I would see positive results. Even though I told you I hadn’t exercised in 20+ years, you told me that your program, the instructors and even the other members of your Training Center would be supportive and help me succeed. Starting your 10 week program was a life changing moment for me. As you know when I completed the 10 week program, I had lost an amazing 25 pounds but that weight loss wasn’t even the best news. I am 40 years old and have always had two things appear in my annual blood test. My good cholesterol count has never been in or even near the acceptable range and my triglycerides have always been off the chart. Last week at the end of my 15th week at the Elite Training Center, I decided to have my blood work redone. This time the count for my good cholesterol was up 10 points and in the normal range for the first time in my life and my triglycerides count was down 82 points which is a reduction of more than 55%. On top of that fantastic news I am still losing weight! At my doctor’s office last week, I weighed 216 pounds which means I have lost an unbelievable total of 35 pounds in 15 weeks. Of course, there is a downside now I have to buy new clothes as I have lost 8 inches along my waist. Seriously, thank you for speaking the truth and thank you and everyone at Elite Training Center for making it a place you absolutely want to go to exercise. You and your instructors are the best!"
Best Regards, Steve T.

My daughter and I joined Elite Training Center six months ago. After exploring a number of martial arts schools in the area, we chose to train at Elite because of the wide variety of martial arts styles and quality instruction offered. Additionally, fitness training and self-defense courses for the entire family are held on a regular basis. I was, however, most impressed by the fact that Elite was not a “belt factory,” rather a school for developing the whole person through the martial arts. The instructors at Elite take a genuine interest in cultivating not only skills in the martial arts, but integrity and moral character as well. Accountability and respect are modeled and encouraged consistently.
Claude Sagi, ER Trauma Surgeon Tampa General Hospital

Elite Training Center

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