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We’ll put the excitement into your training and help you achieve the best results you’ve ever had. You’re gonna have FUN getting in shape at Elite!

Fitness MMA – Join in on the most exciting personal training ever. You get to train like an MMA fighter with your own professional MMA fight trainer, but you don’t have to spar and get banged up. (we offer that type too if you want it). The results you will get from this training are amazing! You’ll have a blast pounding the “ground and pound” bag, doing mitt work, bag work and the “rock hard body” MMA conditioning drills. This training will shock your body into results you never thought possible.

Sports Conditioning – If you have sport and you want to enhance your abilities, we can help. Jumping, speed, agility, strength, explosive movement, coordination, endurance, motivation and athletic mindset are some of the many aspects of sports training we offer. Let us know your sports needs and we will tailor a program to help you achieve your goals.

Body-Sculpting – This type of training is designed to help you achieve the appearance results that you’ve always wanted. Just imagine having great abs, nice shoulders, solid legs and arms, and don’t forget a rockin’ booty! We can help you get the type of body that you’ve always wanted but just couldn’t seem to produce on your own.

Speed and Agility – If you are looking to improve on a demanding sport that requires these two attributes, you need more than a room full of machines. You need a trainer that understands what being athletic truly means and will push you to improve and that’s where we come in. We’ll coach you to get the benefits you desire.

Weight Loss – Weight loss is one of the most highly sought after benefits that people seek out personal trainers for. It takes a consistent blend of cardio and strength training combined with a healthy diet to achieve this. The key word here is consistent. We can tell you from experience that people can’t be consistent with exercise unless they are having fun, it’s just not in our nature to do things we don’t enjoy. Not enjoying exercise is the #1 reason for dropping out and failing at your fitness goals. That’s where we come in! We will find the fitness activity that you have fun doing and then you will see real results. If you’re having fun and seeing great results, you’ll keep training, the excuses will go away and you will be motivated.

General Fitness – This type of training is tailored individually to help the client maintain a healthy cardiovascular system for longevity, a solid muscular structure to help keep the skeletal structure sound and create a healthy endurance level to enjoy what life has to offer.

Strength Conditioning – We can help achieve the level of strength that you are looking for. We will design your individualized program to include sessions that help you reach your goals by using creative utilization of natural body weight resistance, free weights, calisthenetic conditioning exercises, resistance balls, medicine balls, kettle bells and punching bag training.

Highly Specialized Training

Reality Self-Defense – Our training can save you or your family’s lives. We are Tampa Bay’s most experienced self-defense and personal protection instructors. The training we offer is research backed and proven to be effective time and time again. This training was created by dedicated professionals focusing on real world high risk encounters, not flashy and complicated martial arts moves. We proudly offer the internationally renowned F.A.S.T. Defense™ and LRT™ training systems. If you are concerned about personal safety for you or your family (and you should be!) this training is priceless. We are qualified to teach in any aspect of personal safety including; verbal confrontations, child specific safety, rape prevention and gun and knife disarming. Some of our training allows the student to engage in full power padded assailant training. F.A.S.T. Defense™ (Fear Adrenaline Stress Training) LRT™ (Last Resort Tactics)

Martial Arts – The quickest and most thorough way to learn martial arts is with one-on-one training. We offer top expert training in:

  • American Freestyle Karate – A combination of traditional martial arts, American Kickboxing and reality self-defense
  • Muay Thai – Kickboxing that allows kicks to the legs, knee strikes and elbow strikes. National sport of Thailand.
  • Mixed Martial Arts – The fastest growing sport in America. All sport aspects of stand up and ground fighting.

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